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If words are your weapons and you use them to slay boredom, you’re at the right place. Work with us to capture audiences with your creative and vast vocabulary. 



What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media. This way, people turn to your company for information.

What are the responsibilities of a content marketer?

The Content Marketing Department is responsible for developing the strategy for the company's content marketing. This includes producing content in a way that will enhance the company's brand image and help it achieve its business goals. The department also manages the company's social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The department should have a clear understanding of what their target audience wants from them in order to design an effective strategy.

The Content Marketing Department oversees all functions related to content creation including research, copywriting, design or production of creative assets such as videos or infographics. They are responsible for managing the entire process from concept development through delivery of final assets - ensuring that each piece meets their clients' needs both creatively and strategically

What skills do I need to join the department?

To join the Content Marketing Department you would need to have the following skills to be successful:

  • Creative writing skills

  • Knowledge of branding techniques

  • Good understanding of the digital environment

  • Ability to work with social media channels

How can I apply to work in the Content Marketing Department?

Apply through the Job Opening section!

Content marketing is the most powerful form of marketing. It has become an important part of any company’s strategy. Content marketing is about telling the company’s story and giving value to the customer.

The content marketing department helps in generating content for the website or blog, which is tailored to each visitor. They make sure that they have compelling and educational content on every page of their website, blog, social media or newsletter. They are also responsible for creating engaging and catchy taglines that will help them pull heartstrings from their customers and educate them about a product or service.




The Sales Representative is responsible for maximizing the company's revenue by selling and promoting the company's products to potential customers. This includes prospecting, cold calling, negotiating contract terms, and providing customer support.


The SEO Strategist will be responsible for ensuring that all web properties are optimized to achieve maximum ranking in search engines.


The Content Marketing Strategist is responsible for writing and developing content marketing strategies that increase awareness and engagement with the content.


The Videographer is responsible for providing video production services for the company. This includes coordinating and executing video shoots, editing footage, and creating video assets from scratch.


The Financial Controller is responsible for the preparation of financial statements and budgets. Additionally, the Financial Controller will manage the day-to-day financial operations of the company.


The Project Manager is responsible for supervising and directing projects from inception to completion. This includes managing the project teams, project stakeholders, and managing the budget.


The Web Designer will work with the Marketing and Production teams to create, design, and maintain the company's websites. They will also be responsible for creating and maintaining a variety of other marketing and product materials.


The Web Developer is responsible for developing web applications. This includes developing new features and solutions, debugging, performance optimization, and resolving production issues. A broad knowledge of web technologies and practices is essential.


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